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Here are some of the projects I made for myself during the last few years.
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The first thing a student needs is a decent place to studie, therefore this was the first project I made when I came to live in Delft.
After my first lessons in ergonomics I have chosen the dimensions of this workspace in such a way that they are perfect for my posture.
This workspace handles my computer, display and peripherals such as scanner and Wacom tabled.
david van prooijen workspace
One of the first things I made for myself were these shelves.
They are made from Plywood and connected to the wall by a sliding mechanism, therefore the finishing is quite nice.
I fitted in each shelf a few Halogen Lamps and a dimmer to give more use to these shelves.
david van prooijen shelves
The next project I did was done in the same style.
These are two exact the same cabinets for bottles.
Again I fitted a light source in it, this time for some ambient background lighting.
Also these cabinets are connected to the walls internally so there are no connections to the wall visible for the user.
david van prooijen lounge cabinet
After these two projects I needed a multipurpose cupboard.
I wanted a spare table and needed, because I have not much space in my room, more storage space.
These cabinets are movable and have no handles to open the drawer
david van prooijen movable cabinet
After I had finished several projects in my living space I started to optimize and personalize my kitchen.
This went in two stages, fist was the storage for Herbs, a very small project but I am very satisfied with it.
david van prooijen herbs shelves
Another main part in the kitchen was the "bar".
Again this project was about space efficiency but still have storage space and place for two refrigerators.
david van prooijen kitchen bar
Another small project in my kitchen was lighting.
With my new bar I wanted new lighting.
david van prooijen kitchen lighting
My latest project was a monitor support.
I use this TFT monitor as a Television above my bed.
This project is also multipurpose and has a simple design.
david van prooijen monitor support
Another project I did for fun was a unit to control different power lines.
With the use of a computer interface I am now able to turn on and off different electrical appliances in my room.
The computer interface even allows input by remote control, WAP and internet.
david van prooijen pincontroller
One other project I made still living with my parents was these speakers.
david van prooijen Speakers
Projects by: David van Prooijen