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David van Prooijen
September 12, 2008


David van Prooijen 's Website

Hi, I'm David van Prooijen, graduated 14 December 2007 at Delft University of Technology department of Industrial Design Engineering.
I did my graduation project for the plastic thermoform company Greijn Form Technics. The assignment was to create a roof for a mobility scooter. More information can be found at my website on this project after all legal issues are cleared out.
Last year I did an internship at ipv Delft.In the beginning of 2008 I did a usage research for Philips at the Technical University Delft. From April till now I'm working At the Technical University of Delft. I'm working as a content manager for the website of the Faculty Industrial Design. Still I'm looking for a steady job.

At this website you can find information about myself (David van Prooijen), my portfolio (updated till beginning of 2008), about my personal projects, a tutorial I made of a subject I have taken at the university and some personal photos.
Check also the IDP movie

picture of myself: David van Prooijen
David van Prooijen at the beach in Noordwijk aan zee
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