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A totally different project from the previous ones is this one.
This is project is an electronic system which allows me to control different power switches.
The feedback on the front of the product is done by a LED for each output.
The product itself has an on/off switch and a green feedback power LED.
The cooling of the interior electronics is done by one 8cm fan with exit holes on the other side.
david van prooijen pincontroller support 1
By this product I control my:
  • Peripherals
  • Different lightings
  • Computer Fans (Hi/Low)
  • Air-conditioning
  • Beamer + movement of projection screen
david van prooijen pincontroller support 2
The basis of the product is shown on the right. It consists of five relays (expandable to 8) and one Solid state relays (for switching the power supply). The principle of this circuit is quite simple. For the exact circuit contact me. david van prooijen pincontroller support 3
The Casing of this product is very small and it was a great deal puzzling the right positions of all electronics, size wise and cooling wise. david van prooijen pincontroller support 4
Like you can see you really need to know what wire is for what because you are handling 230 Volts. When working on a project like this USE CAUTION, First of all touching 230V is not a nice feeling and one misconnection could lead to fuse brake or even a fire. david van prooijen pincontroller support 5
The computer interface with this product is made with great support of Rudy Negenborn. Soon there will be a supporting website on the computer programming of this software. The interface allows you to control all the outputs, it has a time schedule function, a timer function, it allows control by remote control, control via WAP (mobile phone) and finally control via a secure internet interface. david van prooijen pincontroller support 7
An overview of the components. As you can see there are many wires inside but after making this yourself you kind of know what each wire is used for, different wire colors for different types of connections is handy.

This is also a product I enjoyed working on, although it took me many weeks to finally finish it.
I like the result and this is also a product I use very often.
david van prooijen pincontroller support 6
Project by: David van Prooijen